Open Space

Open Space for public use is maintained and governed by the Town of Chelmsford and several groups in town, as listed below. The Town's 21 public parks and recreation fields are maintained by the Facilities Division of the Dept of Public Works. Residents working on improvements for some locations, such as Roberts Field, have established committees to help with planning and fund-raising. The ConCom has public meetings and invites your input: for more information please contact Katharine Messer, Chelmsford Conservation Agent at or 978-250-5248. COSS and CLCT contact info is on their websites. 

The Chelmsford Open Space Stewardship (COSS) is an independent group of volunteers working with the Town of Chelmsford. It was established in November 2005 by residents who enjoy hiking, being productive and doing things outdoors. While the town manages and protects open space property, the Stewards maintain and improve the trail systems within these open spaces – anything from picking up trash and keeping the trails free of fallen trees to replacing worn out bridges and kiosks. Stewards provide a daily presence and ongoing maintenance so these special properties can be enjoyed by all.

The Chelmsford Land Conservation Trust (CLCT) works to preserve open space, advocate for local land conservation, and encourage interest in Chelmsford's natural history and heritage. The Trust is a private non-profit corporation and is financed solely by membership dues and gifts. CLCT owns property at nine locations comprising about 79 acres. 

The Chelmsford Conservation Commission (ConCom) promotes the protection and management of the town's diverse natural resources. The ConCom is the permitting authority specifically charged with the conservation and protection of wetland resource areas under state law, and members are appointed by the Town Manager. The ConCom manages 900 acres of town-owned open space, including nine reservations with public trail systems.

The Chelmsford Land Management Committee (LMC) was appointed by, and reported to, the ConCom. The LMC assisted the ConCom with reservation management and maintenance, made policy suggestions and recommendations, and assisted with public outreach. The LMC stopped meeting at the beginning of 2016 and appears to be no longer in effect.