Q: What is Chelmsford Saves?

A: Chelmsford was awarded a grant in 2014-2015 from National Grid to help publicize no-cost and discounted energy efficiency services. Next Step Living was the company that assisted Chelmsford with this program. More information on this program is on the Chelmsford Saves page. Although the publicity period is over, the same services continue to be available through Mass Save.

Q: What happens after I schedule an appointment for an audit?

A: After you schedule an appointment, an Energy Specialist will visit to assess your home’s current energy use and provide a custom list of energy-saving recommendations for your home, and will help you develop a plan to make your home more efficient. What you should expect:

  • A Home Energy Assessment usually takes 1.5 to 2.5 hours
  • You'll receive no-cost instant savings measures such as LED and CFL bulbs, programmable thermostats, advanced power strips, and water saving devices, as needed
  • Your specialist will determine if you're eligible for the ENERGY STAR® refrigerator rebate
  • Your specialist will provide specifications for Air Sealing and Insulation, if applicable
  • Your specialist will provide Infrared Testing, if applicable
  • Your specialist will provide Combustion Safety Testing
  • Your specialist will help you develop an energy plan and explain applicable incentives

At the end of the visit you'll have a personalized report outlining recommended energy efficiency improvements, and the costs including rebates.

Q: Can Condo owners participate?

A: Yes, but Mass Save treats condos differently if they are attached in groups of 5 or more, because of the way the audits and energy-saving measures are done. Not all owners in the development need to have an audit, but the property manager or homeowner's association needs to arrange the audit. Please call 800-594-7277 and ask about the Multi-Family program for condos, or download the Mass Save FAQ or brochure.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The audits and some instant savings measures (see "What happens after I schedule...") are at no cost. These services are paid for by the utility company from the money they collect from all rate-payers. Other recommended energy efficiency measures are partially subsidized through the Mass Save program.

Q: More Questions?

If you have more questions, please Contact Me and we can exchange email or discuss. Thanks for your interest in Energy Efficiency!