Chelmsford Saves

Chelmsford Saves was a program by the Town of Chelmsford to provide residents, both owners and renters, with a no-cost home energy audit through Mass Save.  These audits are still available and include  installation of energy saving light bulbs, digital programmable thermostats, advanced power strips, and water saving devices.

At the end of the audit, your Mass Save advisor will provide you with a report of recommendations subsidized by the program which will allow you to cut your energy bills even further. Any recommended insulation improvement you choose to go forward with qualifies for a 75% off instant incentive, up to $2,000 a year.  Residents will also receive information and applications for rebates and a 0% interest loan that can be used to replace inefficient single-pane windows, air-conditioning, hot water and heating equipment. These additional energy savings measures can be scheduled after your assessment.


Check the FAQ or use the About-Contact link below. More thoughts on energy efficiency and updates on the Chelmsford Saves program are on the Blog.

Want to Share?

We can bring a tabling event (providing information or sign-ups) or workshop to your next group meeting, just let us know when and where and what energy efficiency-related topic you'd like us to talk about. Some examples of 20-30 minute presentations (video of past workshops) are available from this link. We can make a presentation as long or short as you want, or just have a sign-up table without any presentation.

Follow these steps to Participate:

Step 1

Schedule a no-cost Home Energy Audit online or by calling Mass Save at 866-527-7283.

Step 2

During the 2- to 3-hour audit you'll receive no-cost light bulbs, thermostats, energy strips, and water savers. At the end of the audit you'll receive a report with recommendations of more home improvements that are fully or partially subsidized by the program.

Step 3

If you decide to proceed with more improvements, follow the directions to schedule that work. Enjoy the improvements that have added to your home's value while reducing your annual bills, and done at a discounted cost.