If it’s Thursday, it’s on The Common

The Chelmsford Farmers Market resumes its weekly summertime location on the Town Common on Thursday June 19th from 2 to 6:30 pm. The market offers a place for farmers and other local businesses to offer products that we can't easily get from Amazon or a brick-and-mortar store. There's many environmental reasons to support local agriculture, such as reducing chemical pollution, less use of fossil fuels, and less loss of biodiversity compared to food grown industrially. However, I think most people support local farmers because the food tastes better and is healthier for you. Locally-grown produce isn't offered out of season so there's no chemicals used to keep things from spoiling in storage or during shipping. Local farms at the market include Jones Farm and Parlee Farms in Chelmsford, and nearby Foxbarn Farm in Carlisle, Hapberly Farm in Pepperell, and Monadnock Berries and Hill Orchard in Westford. Some of our local farms also sell direct to you through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Farm Stands, or Pick-Your-Own.

Buying local at the Farmers Market will include an assortment of non-farm services and products such as bagels, baked goods, cleaning products, home décor, jewelry, solar power builders, root beer, cream soda, candy, hand painted apparel, tote bags, house wares, energy efficiency services, aprons, bibs, photography, pasta, sauces, cannoli, soups, fresh seafood, and gluten-free products.  Remember the advantages of buying local include supporting businesses that spend more money in the community, produce more local jobs, and help finance town services with their tax payments. Come to the Common on Thursday to find your local food and goods!