Chelmsford Land Conservation Trust

The Chelmsford Land Conservation Trust is one of the local groups that we support. They have a nice website with maps and photos of their 9 properties that cover 79 acres in town. The Trust has a wildflower walk coming up this Tuesday June 17th at the 14-acre Kroll Pasture starting at 9am. Why not stop by and find out more about them and their beautiful locations?

The Trust was formed in the early 1960s as the Town began to expand rapidly, trading its agricultural past for the suburban present. With construction of Route 3 and I-495 providing greater access to Chelmsford, new homes were built as subdivisions replaced farmland. The Trust is a private non-profit corporation financed solely by membership dues and gifts. The nine properties they manage were donated by individuals between 1961 and 1992. In addition to the Kroll Pasture they include the Archer Meadow Preserve, Bartlett Park, Bartlett Woodlot, Bovey Woodlots, Lt. Edward-Hope Bovey Woodlot, McDermott Woodlot, Miriam E. Warren Wetlands, and Warren Wildlife Sanctuary. If you enjoy visiting these locations, or just want to help future generations have access to their natural beauty, please consider supporting this group.