Looking for steps that conserve resources and improve our community? Chelmsford Local describes actions that residents are taking in our Community, including local groups and businesses, and in their Home Life (folders in the top navigation bar). The FAQ has more details on a few of these topics and the Blog provides my thoughts on recent news. The bottom navigation bar contains a few more pages and related downloads. Please participate in the conversation through blog comments, or on Facebook or Twitter.

This website is loosely modeled on "local" websites for some nearby towns: Bolton Local, Green Acton, Green Carlisle, Sustainable Westford.

The following sites (mostly on Facebook) have local news and discussion: Chelmsford In-Town Report (FB group), Chelmsford Open Space Stewards (FB page), Green Chelmsford (FB group), Chelmsford Telemedia. Share a favorite Chelmsford group or nonprofit to follow:

Thanks for your interest in "local" issues!

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